Upgrading your bedroom is a big deal. Success depends on how the whole room feels and the thoughtfulness put into its design. Ideally, you want to make use of what you have and add to what you don’t have. Here are 10 ways to upgrade your bedroom.

1. Add a Social Element
A couch or sofa is a great way to welcome people into your bedroom. If your bedroom is small or you are hosting one person, a beanbag or other type of chair is ideal. At the end of the day, you can kick your shoes off and relax.

A bedroom with a chair

2. Style With A Bench
Adding a bench is a fun way of giving you and guests a welcoming space to read, write and think with a view. A window bench is very popular for this reason. The last part is to top it with a fitting pillow. A chaise lounge, on the other hand, adds plushness to your bedroom upgrade. You can give it a throw blanket or fringed blanket for extra style and comfort.

3. Up the Comfort Level
White and light colored walls create the illusion of space. Add to it with super cozy down comforter or insanely soft Mediterien Deep Dreamer Throw.

A white bedroom with Mediterien Deep Cosy Throw

4. Go Against the Window
A small bedroom doesn’t give you much space to work with, so it’s best to put the bed against the window. The window plus curtains serve as the focal point and erase the need for a headboard. Plus, the location gives your room an airy, sunny vibe.

5. Make Art
Make a photo or scrapbook collage and put it on your wall. Decorate the walls with framed photographs and art. By doing so, you make your room visually beautiful and create interesting focal points to inspire and relax you.

6. Remember to Scale to Size
A large bed needs a large lamp. If your bedroom is small, you might consider a smaller bed to free up more space. The point here is that your furniture is in proportion.

7. Put Your Rest First
Your bedroom should be colorful and restful. Its purpose is not only to serve as a sanctuary for sleeping but for studying or spending time with your loved ones. Give it a personalized touch with flowers or anything that boosts your mood.

8. Keep It Simple
Like spring cleaning, simplicity demands getting rid of what you don’t need. Hoarding is a sign of stress and clutter takes up space. Consider organizing with more storage, such as a chest of drawers in the closet, or adding shelves to your walls. Natural or rustic elements are both beautiful and simple.

9. Accessories
Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Throws and pillows are popular because they are visually exciting as well as comfortable. Add just enough cushions and lay a cozy Mediterien Deep throw for a luxurious feel that doesn’t overwhelm your bedroom upgrade.

10. Simple Fabrics
Contrasting patterns and colors will clash. Choosing fabrics that are simple in design and go well together will give a unified look to your bedroom design.

The process of updating your bedroom design can be as simple as changing the layout of the room, adding certain elements, utilizing space, personally designing furniture, or making the room more comfortable. While the above list contains just 10 ways to upgrade your bedroom, there is really no limit. For more inspiration, check out our products at Mediterien Deep.