10 Ways to Use a Turkish towel

Turkish towels, which are traditionally referred to as “peshtemals,” are towels that are made from Turkish cotton. This cotton has extra-long fibers, which make the cotton threads smoother and stronger. When used as a towel, they are soft, fluffy, and increasingly absorbent every time they are washed. And while they make great towels, they also have several other practical uses. Here are 10 ways to use a Turkish towel.

1. As a lightweight, quick-drying beach towel

Plan on taking a trip to the beach? This is an excellent towel for a sunny beach day. Lay it out in the sand or use it to dry off. What makes this towel a great beach towel is that it dries quickly when wet. (You can check this product from Mediterien Deep’s website: https://www.mediteriendeep.com/ )

Aztec Beach Blanket I Mediterien Deep
Mediterien Deep Oversized beach blanket

2. As a decorative bath towel

Using your Turkish towel as a bath towel is the most common use, which is understandable because it makes an amazing bath towel. It’s nice and soft against your skin and is available in lovely designs. (Check the link to shop this beautiful Turkish towels http://bit.ly/2UyUbeR )

Mediterien Deep Ottoman Turkish Towels
Mediterien Deep Turkish Towels

3. An elegant spa towel

From the beach to your bathroom to a day at the spa. What can’t this towel do? Turkish towels are wonderfully light, making them the perfect towel to accompany you to the spa.

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4. A stylish beach cover-up

Not only is this towel soft and practical, it’s also quite beautiful and can easily serve as a fashionable cover-up while you walk along the shore, dipping your toes in the water.

Mediterien Deep Rainbow Turkish Towel
Use your Turkish towel as a beach cover-up: http://bit.ly/2ZJHoLM

5. A sophisticated sarong & pareo with an elegant look

Give your look a touch of elegance by using your towel as a sarong. Wrap it around your waist or torso for a chic and breezy look. (Product in the picture: http://bit.ly/2UxQZ3f )

Mediterien Deep Pure Turkish towel
Use your Turkish towel as a sarong

6. A lightweight gym towel

Plan to hit the gym? Fold up your Turkish towel and take it with you for a gym towel that is lightweight and will dry quickly. No one wants to use a damp towel while they’re working out.

7. A beautiful throw on any sofa or perfect for wrapping up

Drape your peshtemal over your furniture to give your space a soft and classic look or use it to wrap up when it’s getting chilly.

8. A yoga towel

If you’re into hot yoga, this towel is perfect for you. You can use it to keep your toes in place, as well as to keep your mat dry. Tip: Bring two and use one of them to dry off afterward!

Mediterien Deep Spring Turkish towel
Use your Turkish towel as a beach towel

9. A shawl to cover delicate shoulders

Feeling a bit chilly outdoors or at the movie theater? Use this towel as a lovely and chic shawl to keep your shoulders warm and covered.

Mediterien Deep Waves Turkish Towel
10 Ways to use a Turkish towels

10. A lightweight, fun travel towel

Lastly, you can take your peshtemal with you when you travel. It’s lightweight and a lot easier to pack in a crowded suitcase than a traditional towel.

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