Spring is the time for renewal and that also goes for your bathroom. A room in which you spend almost as much time as the bedroom, the bathroom should also be your own personal sanctuary. The smaller space makes bathroom decoration easier than, say, the living room or bedroom.
Color is the easiest, yet most impactful, change you can make to your bathroom. While white is a perfectly good color choice, the other 2018 spring colors might be worth considering.
Mint can add a cool, refreshing look to the bathroom and pairs well with white. It also works with neutrals such as warm wood accessories. Paint the walls in this pretty color or just try it as an accent color such as shower tiles.

Mint and black Turkish towels I Spring colors
Spring Colors of Mediterien Deep’s Turkish towels.

Light pastel pink adds a soft glow and flatters skin tone, especially nice when putting on makeup in the morning. Use the color all over for a powder room effect or sparingly, with white or cream.
A bathroom decorated in brownish red looks rich and warm. Combined with dark brown and gold accents, perhaps a terra cotta pot for that Old World charm.
Aqua never seems to go out of style. The color is both serene and bright, working in traditional as well as modern décor. It looks great with brown, black, or other colors. It is among the most versatile of the 2018 spring colors.

Turquoise and striped Turkish towels of Mediterien Deep
Mediterien Deep Turkish towels with spring colors.

Cobalt blue, a high-impact color, lends a distinctly Mediterranean atmosphere to a bathroom. Instead of painting all the walls cobalt, try just one accent wall or just a little bit of tile in the brilliant color amid soothing neutrals.
Bright yellow will cheer up any bathroom and wake up the occupant almost as well as a cup of coffee. This works better if you have plenty of natural light coming in, so as not to make skin look jaundiced when looking in the mirror.

Of course, there is always white which never goes out of style. There is just something clean and classic about white on white. Add a touch of black or navy for a striking contrast. You can also pair it with one of the 2018 spring colors for bathroom decoration to give it that extra zing. A Turkish towel set in varying colors on display makes a white bathroom pop.

For those who are unfamiliar with a Turkish towel, it is a towel made on a loom with Turkish cotton, which is long cotton that makes the fabric highly absorbent and quick-drying. A Turkish towel, also known as a Peshmetal, foutas, or hammam towel, typically comes in a variety of colors, has a white stripe and white fringe, lending a vintage look. It is stylish and versatile enough to be used as a beach towel, throw blanket, sarong, or even a large scarf.

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