Beach essentials for a perfect day in the sun

A trip to the beach can be the highlight of your summer. Whether you live a few miles or a few hundred miles from the beach, the excitement that comes as soon as you smell the ocean breeze is the same. While taking a trip to the beach can be an exciting adventure, packing for the beach can be stressful. You will have to take a variety of factors into account, including if you have a packing limit and the number of people traveling with you.

You may have a packing limit if you are flying or if you are driving you will, of course, be restricted to taking whatever can fit into your car. If you are taking your family with you, you may have to pack for them too! We have created this guide to help you pack the essentials without over- or under-packing!

Mediterien Deep Turkish towels
This towel is perfect for your trip to the beach because it is great at absorbing water but can be compactly folded to fit in your suitcase! Additionally, these delicate Turkish towels can function as a sarong or beach dress, a scarf, or a shoulder wrap! Do not forget to check

A swimsuit is an essential for your beach trip even if you do not feel like swimming! A swimsuit will allow you to look cute and stay cool on the beach at the same time.

A Sunhat
Packing a sun hat is a great idea because it is a cute accessory that protects you from the sun’s harmful rays and keeps you cool on balmy beach days.

Hair Oil
Hair oil is an essential regardless of the length of your hair because it will protect it from the sun!

Sun Glasses
Be sure to throw a pair of sunglasses in your beach bag! Make sure that they have UV protection, so your eyes stay safe. If you have a case, bring it along to ensure that the glasses do not break!

Sunscreen is one of the most important beach essentials because it will keep your skin safe while you enjoy your time on the beach!

A large Mediterien Deep Beach Blanket
This blanket is light but also will give you all the space you need while soaking in the sun’s rays. Check

A Mediterien Deep beach cushion
The sand can be tough to sit on for long periods of times. Bring along a beach cushion so that you can relax in style!

A beach bag tote
You’ll need a tote to hold all your beach essentials!

A beach cover-up
A beach cover-up is one of the summer essentials that you should also bring along to the beach for lounging by the pool.

A pair of flip flops
Flip flops are great because you can slip them on your way out the door and be to the beach in a few seconds!

Lip balm with SPF
Don’t forget that you need to have SPF in your lip balm too!

A good book or kindle to read
Having a good book or kindle to read from will make the time pass quickly as you are laying out on the beach or by the pool. This is one of the summer essentials that you will not want to forget!

A Round towel
Round towels are super trendy and great to have if you will be taking photos at the beach! Not to mention they have plenty of room to stretch out on!

Water bottle not to dehydrate
Staying hydrated is just as important as protecting your skin while on the beach. Grab a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Having a camera or GoPro will come in handy to document your trip to the beach!