Even if your bathroom is short on space, you can still make it feel open and luxurious if you know how to decorate small bathrooms. Making the most of a minimal space is possible with the right fixtures and design. By using high-quality products you can bring an element of elegance to your bathroom. Read on for 10 ways to decorate a small bathroom.

1. Wallpaper
You will be surprised what the right wallpaper can do. Wallpaper can bring texture and definition to a small bathroom. Choose a light color with a small print to open up the room.

2. Buy Freestanding and Multipurpose Furniture
One of the best 10 ways to decorate a small bathroom is by using freestanding or multipurpose furniture. Freestanding furniture allows you to move it around so that it will best fit your small space. Multipurpose furniture has several uses, meaning you can use less furniture and save space.

3. Choose Furniture and Accessories Wisely
By choosing your furniture wisely, you can pick the best sizes and functions for your bathroom. By choosing high-quality accessories such as a vase, a basket or elegant Turkish towels, you can give your small space a feeling of elegance.

4. Decorate with a Fresh White Scheme
Nothing opens up a space like bright, clean whites. You can use white for everything from furniture to accessories. Update your floors and walls with fresh whites to finish the look and add some color and pattern with Turkish towels. For the towels; check https://www.mediteriendeep.com/

5. Invest in Made-to-Measure Fittings and Fixtures
If your space is particularly small, you may want to look into made-to-measure fittings and fixtures. These pieces can be customized to perfectly fit your small bathroom and make the most of the space.

6. Reposition Your Shower Valve
When considering how to decorate small bathrooms, try moving your shower valve to the long edge of your shower. You will be surprised at how luxurious this will make your bathroom look.

7. Keep it Simple
When working with a small bathroom, the best advice is to keep it simple. Clutter will close up your space. Try to limit yourself to only what you need and a few decorative accents that really make a statement.

8. Make it Appear Larger with Mirrors
Another great way to open up a small space is to use mirrors. Mirrors have the effect of making a small space appear larger.

9. Climb the Walls
Take advantage of the wall space in your bathroom. If you do not have a lot of floor or counter space, you may have to go vertical. Go up high with your shelving and storage to give yourself extra space to store.

10. Add-on Storage
One of the best places to add extra storage is above the toilet. You can easily install a cabinet above your toilet to hold linens and other items. If you do not want to install a cabinet, you can buy a closet with open shelves and put your decorative and functional items in it.