It is not expensive nor arduous to turn your bathroom into a spa. Walls don’t have to be taken out, plumbing doesn’t have to be rearranged, walls and floors don’t have to be faced with marble — unless that’s what you want! You can easily change your humble bathroom into a glorious spa to linger in. Here are some ideas about how to transform your bathroom into a spa!

Make Space 
One thing you’ll notice about all those spa-type bathrooms in those home decor websites or magazines is that they are never cluttered. Clutter is not only unsightly but prevents good energy from naturally flowing. Put needful items in cabinets or shelves where they belong, and get rid of everything else.

How to transform your bathroom into a spa: Make space

Add Candles 
After the room is decluttered, add candles around the tub and on the vanity and other flat surfaces, including the floor. These can be tall, thick pillar candles and tea candles in glass chimneys. Try candles with subtle, soothing scents such as amber, jasmine or rosemary. Just make sure to never leave candles unattended.

How to transform your bathroom into a spa: Add candles

Add Soothing Colors or Plants
Some people rejuvenate their bathroom/spa by using neutral colors such as beige, gray or shades of white. Others choose soft pinks, blues or pale yellow. By the way, don’t be afraid of adding wallpaper to your new spa. There are actually beautiful wallpapers that can stand up to heat and humidity, and if you get tired of it, wallpaper is easier to change than paint. If you’re still a little nervous of wallpaper, try some plants to add some color to your bathroom.

How to transform your bathroom into a spa: Add soothing colors or plants

Place a Little Stand Near the Bathtub 
You’ll be surprised how handy a little stand right by the bathtub can be. You can place your candles there, your evening glass of wine, reading material, soap, shampoo, pictures of loved ones, fresh bath towels or anything else. Another option is one of those trays that spans the width of the tub.

Turkish towels: Stool:

Add Art 
Like wallpaper, don’t be afraid of adding artwork, including paintings, to your spa. Take a favorite painting to a frame shop and have it placed in a frame behind glass that protects it from heat and humidity.  (This picture is taken by Natalie Kolter / Vintage Porch after her master bathroom renovation. If you are interested in reading her bathroom reveal, you can check Natalie’s lovely blog:

How to transform your bathroom into a spa: Add art

Add Lots and Lots of  Turkish Towels
Made of pure Turkish cotton, Turkish towels are prized for their luxurious softness, lightness, and absorbency that surpasses that of regular bath towels. Bath-sheet sized towels can be worn as sarongs or pareos and are great to take to the beach or the pool. Another tip is to toss mats over the floor to keep your feet toasty. Buy some that match or complement your Turkish towels for an elegant look. Check our website for the entire Turkish towel collection:

How to transform your bathroom into a spa: Mediterien Deep Turkish towels
Mediterien Deep Turkish Towels:

Upgrade the Shower 
Rainfall shower-heads and shower columns are surprisingly easy to install, or you can call in a plumber to do the job. Columns help you control the temperature of the water and allow you to choose everything from a traditional shower from a microphone type spray to an invigorating body jet or massage. Modern shower-heads simulate rainfalls or waterfalls in a tropical rainforest.