Imagine basking in the sunshine at a picturesque beach, revisiting the past at an ancient historical site, and feasting on freshly grown vegetables, seafood, and cheeses, while sipping fine wine. This is life in the Mediterranean, where you will find a calming yet colorful atmosphere, animated by a richness of history, natural beauty, and local charm.

The soothing climate, stunning coastlines, and delicious foods contribute to a profoundly relaxing environment, while the diversity of the Mediterranean culture and people bring vitality, colorfulness, and liveliness. With its wealth of sights, tastes, and sounds, it is no wonder that this is a top tourist destination and that the Mediterranean lifestyle is gaining popularity worldwide.

Sicily Landscape
The Mediterranean – Sicily

Known as the cradle or incubator of Western Civilization, the region was the center of some of the world’s earliest civilizations, including the Greek city-states and the Roman Empire. As a crossroads of trade and commerce, it developed into a hub of cultural exchange, fueling developments in philosophy, art, literature, and medicine.

At the center of it all is the Mediterranean Sea, which is almost entirely enclosed by land and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to Asia. Twenty-plus countries located on three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa, all have coastlines on the sea; Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Spain might be the first places to come to mind when thinking of Mediterranean countries, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Visitors from around the world are attracted to the Mediterranean by its natural beauty and charm. Hilly terrains and mountainous coastlines in the North form a stark contrast to the flat desert landscapes and sandy beaches of the South. But wherever you go, you are sure to be delighted by the scenery and views.

The Mediterranean beach
Crystal Clear Water of the Mediterranean

The climate is pleasant throughout the year. Winters are mild and rainy; summers are warm, sunny, and dry. The climate is conducive to growing all sorts of plants and produce. Especially prevalent are olives, grapes, and oranges, which figure plentifully into the diet. Olive oil, olives, and freshly grown produce are staples of Mediterranean cuisine, alongside a variety of wines from the region’s many vineyards.

Family-oriented, friendly, warm, and inviting, the Mediterranean culture is known for its hospitality. Guests are welcome in Mediterranean homes, where they are made to feel like part of the family. Relationships are authentic and casual, and life is relaxing and slow-paced. Meals are not rushed and are accompanied by animated conversation. It is a caring and intimate culture.

Bodrum sunset
The Mediterranean Region of Turkey Bodrum

Simple and down-to-earth, the Mediterranean lifestyle contrasts profoundly with the stress and constant motion of modern life in the West. Life is lived fully and moments are to be cherished; the climate full of sunshine contributes to a feeling of warmth, calmness, and inner peace.